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Sell Your Canonsburg, PA house Quickly and Hassle-Free To A Local Company Dedicated to our Community. Building Homes and neighbors together.

At Rick Buys Homes, we specialize in buying homes in and around Canonsburg (and other areas too!). Unlike traditional listings, we don’t just list your house, we actually buy it. As cash buyers, we offer the advantage of a quick closing, tailored to your schedule.

With us, you won’t have to worry about fees or commissions typically associated with agents. This means no unexpected costs or out-of-pocket expenses when selling your house fast. Plus, there’s no need to spend time or money preparing your property – we buy houses as-is.

Forget about repairs or cleaning up – we buy houses in any condition, whether they’re ugly or pretty, and regardless of the location.

What does “as-is” mean?

The term “as-is” simply means that when you sell your home, you are offering it in its current condition, without making any repairs or renovations. Potential buyers will accept the property exactly as they see it, warts and all. This approach eliminates the need for you to spend time and money fixing up your home or preparing it for showings.

Cash home buyers, or companies that buy houses in Pittsburgh, PA, play a crucial role in making the “as-is” process seamless for homeowners. These companies understand that not everyone has the means or desire to undertake costly repairs before selling their property. By working with a reputable cash home buyer, you can bypass the hassle of repairs and sell your home quickly and effortlessly.

Benefits of Selling “As-Is”:

1. Save Time and Money: Repairs and renovations can be time-consuming and expensive. By selling your home “as-is,” you eliminate these burdens, allowing you to move forward with your plans without delay.

2. Avoid Stress and Hassle: Preparing your home for showings and inspections can be stressful. Selling “as-is” relieves you of the pressure associated with making your home look picture-perfect for potential buyers.

3. Sell in Any Condition: Whether your property requires extensive repairs or minor cosmetic touch-ups, selling “as-is” allows you to find a buyer who will accept your home in its current state.

What does “all-cash offer” mean?

When we say “all cash,” we mean exactly that: no financing, no mortgage contingencies, and no delays caused by traditional homebuyers relying on banks. Cash home buyers, like Rick Buys House, are real estate investors who have the resources to purchase your home directly, without the need for third-party financing. This means you can avoid the uncertainties and potential setbacks associated with the traditional home selling process.

One of the most frustrating aspects of selling a home is when the financing falls through at the last minute or the closing gets delayed. With cash home buyers, these worries become a thing of the past. Since they have the funds readily available, there is no risk of financing falling through or the closing process being delayed. When Rick Buys House makes you an offer, you can rest assured that it’s a guaranteed full amount, with no surprises or uncertainties along the way.

Selling your home for all cash offers numerous advantages, including a faster and easier process. Traditional home sales can take months, or even longer, with multiple showings, negotiations, and paperwork. On the other hand, when you choose to sell to cash home buyers, the process is streamlined and efficient. Rick Buys House understands the urgency of selling a home and aims to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience, allowing you to move on with your life.

Cash home buyers offer homeowners the flexibility and convenience that traditional buyers can’t match. Whether your home needs repairs or updates, or you’re facing foreclosure, a cash offer can be a lifeline. Cash home buyers like Rick Buys House are willing to purchase homes in any condition, relieving you of the burden and expense of costly repairs or renovations. This flexibility allows you to sell your home quickly and easily, without the worry of meeting strict buyer demands.

How “fast” is a “fast closing?”

After you send us information about your home, we can make you a no-obligation, fair-cash offer in as little as 24 hours. After that, we can close at a local, reputable title company in as little as 7 days. Compare that to the 60-90+ days it can take to close when listing your house the traditional way, and the benefits are obvious!

What if I don’t need a “fast closing?”

At Rick Buys Homes , we work on your time frame. If you don’t need a fast closing due to the need to make arrangements, explore your future options, etc – we can schedule the closing on the day that works best for you!

Will I receive a low-ball offer?

Rest assured, we strive to present you with a fair and competitive offer. Unlike other buyers or large technology companies, we believe in transparency throughout the offer process. Our offer is determined by considering the potential value of the property after necessary improvements and upgrades are made. We are more than happy to guide you through the entire process and explain how we arrive at the offer amount.

Is this even legit?

Yes – the real estate industry is rapidly changing, and thousands of Americans are exploring their options when it comes to selling their house the fastest, easiest, and most transparent way. That’s where we come in. At Rick Buys Homes, we offer a trustworthy and reliable alternative for those who may not have the time or ability to list their house on the market for top dollar. Our team will work closely with you to assess your situation, provide you with a transparent all-cash offer, and close on your timeline.

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